Fall Decorating on a $50 Budget

Decorating on a Budget

My husband and I recently moved from our small one bedroom apartment that literally had no closets (I’m not exaggerating, we literally had no closets and barely any cabinets for storing food and kitchen supplies) to a new home back in July of 2021. Due to previously living in a small space we only owned two fall themed hand towels since they didn’t take up a lot of our limited space, but now that we have a lot more space and own a total of three closets (I sometimes just hang out in them), I wanted to take the opportunity to decorate our home for fall. Decorating a house can easily become expensive, so I decided on my decorating style (minimal farmhouse), amount, and budget to decorate a total of four rooms in my house. 

Where I Shopped

Once I had my budget and plan in place I picked the stores where I would pick out the items. The first store I started with the Dollar Tree and surprisingly there were no fall decorations to be found. There were a few Halloween options scattered around but nothing that really peaked my interest, so I then went to it’s slightly more expensive relative, Dollar General. When I went to Dollar General I had slightly more luck, I was able to find two new fall themed hand towels for the kitchen (and added them to my two current fall towel collection) and a fall pumpkin themed oven-mitt, all three costing a dollar each. I then went to Walmart where I had significant more success. The time I went to Walmart was perfect, a lot of their fall items were on sale to make room for their Halloween merchandise. I was able to attain foam pumpkins, a big roll of burlap, two leaf garlands, a sign for my front door and kitchen, candle, battery powered fairy lights, and a fake flower arrangement in a vase. 

Kitchen Decor

The first room I decorated was my kitchen, I layered the fall towels over my regular towels to add a nice fall look while preventing them from getting stained from everyday use of drying kitchenware. I placed the sign on the windowsill over my kitchen sink, hung up my pumpkin oven-mitt, and tied some burlap around my cookware jar as well as added some leaves that fell off one of my garland strands. For the most part my kitchen still looks the same, but those pops of fall decor add a nice festive splash.

Dining Room

The next room I decorated was the dining room. I was really excited to decorate this room because our dining room table had recently arrived in the mail (our dining table used to be a folding card table with our camping chairs) and I had finished assembling the chairs that day. I continued to stick with the minimal farmhouse theme and used more of the burlap roll to create a table runner on top of our table cloth that my late grandmother hand-stitched with a mason jar stuffed with a garland and fairy-lights. 

Living Room

The living room took the most effort. I first attached small command hooks to the underside of the TV stand to hook the ends of the garland on and just draped the garland. I then took my handy-dandy roll of burlap and made a cross runner on the coffee table where I arranged the four foam pumpkins around the candle and my family’s antique red cut-glass pitcher (not fall themed but goes really well with the fall decor). 

Front Porch

The last space I was able to decorate was my front porch and door. Our covered front porch is so cozy and perfect for decorating. I set out the arranged flowers on our little table with the citranella candle that we had out during the summer (even though the evenings have managed to drop to the low 50’s those darn mosquitos won’t seem to just disappear). I also hung the pumpkin welcome sign on the front door. 

Final Thoughts

For a $50 budget I was really able to stretch it out to decorate four rooms while also being creative with the things I already have. Having a more minimal style also allows for an easy and quick time decorating and not having a lot of things to put away once fall passes. I personally am not a fan of taking all day to decorate and then taking another full day to put away my decorations, so the minimal style really helps to make decorating and cleaning up less intimidating. I do however, wish to add a couple more things to the decor next year, such as adding another garland to the one on the TV, throw pillows for the furniture outside on the front porch, fall themed placemats for the dining room table, and a cloth runner to go underneath the burlap runner. When my father came down to visit, he was kind enough to buy me a mum and a couple funky pumpkins to go by the bench on my front porch and I would certainly add that again next year as well. Happy Fall y’all!

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